A Quick Dip Into The World of Preloved Jewelry

A Quick Dip Into The World of Preloved Jewelry - BOPF | Business of Preloved Fashion
Isn’t there something simply so, for the lack of a better term, “la-di-da” about owning an opulent piece of fine jewelry crafted with some of the finest craftsmanship out there. The magic of vintage Chopard diamond earrings or an iconic Bvlgari watch . There's something enchanting about fine jewelry . Perhaps it's the way such pieces transport us to a special place ( or a special memory).
Either ways, we y love fine jewelry even more so when it's - preloved. We can save money on enchanting pieces, help the planet and in few cases even resell close to the original retail price. Often, however, price is just one of the factors fashionistas consider when picking up preloved pieces. The motivation to purchase preloved jewelry comes from a need to experience - and own - a tiny part of history.
Owning preloved jewelry is for those who have a deep understanding of the refined. We have curated a list of some timeless preloved pieces from our store that you could call your own very soon. 

Nothing says “luxe” like this Cartier rose bracelet
The dainty Cartier 18K rose gold bracelet with two interlocking hoops, crafted with gold, is a piece for those who’d like to embrace luxury without having to give up the wonder and fun that comes with being young. The bracelet comes in the original Cartier box.

Timelessness comes alive with this Chanel pearl necklace
There is nobody who does “timelessness” better than Chanel. Take a look at this gorgeous long Chanel pearl necklace, for instance. Was this piece picked out from “The Great Gatsby” or was it created in the 2010s? We won’t know - because when paired with a class Chanel LBB, the era would be of no matter. The only thing that would matter is the effortlessness of luxury that appears to have existed in a perennial state of now

Have we spoken about the stunning brooches by Chanel yet?
If we had to pick only one thing we love about Chanel brooches, it would have to be this: they help add a bit of oomph to any outfit, instantly. They add just the right amount of Je ne sais quoi to your look - whether it be the everyday French girl vibe or a night out in town or a gala that consists of dazzling evening gowns, with a Chanel brooch, you know you’re going to be on fire. On BOPF, we have a lot of Chanel brooches for you to choose from - from a crystal-embellished brooch with pink tone crystals to the newer Chanel logo brooch embellished with crystal and pearl from the 2021 collection.

The Chaumet bracelet that is the very definition of class
Parisian brand Chaumet has been crafting tiaras, jewels, and timepieces since 1780. The Chaumet Jeux de Liens bracelet is a delicate piece created using 18-carat white gold and paved with brilliant-cut diamonds. The definition of effortless panache, wearing a piece by Chaumet is enough to have one slip into the shoes of French royalty from an era that used to be…
Heirlooms, history, style...all wrapped into the preloved movement
That is the beauty of preloved jewelry: its ability to transport you to once-upon-a-time. Owning preloved pieces means owning your very own piece of history. 

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