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For luxury fashion investments that don't hurt the planet or pockets.

A Sustainable Approach to Buying Luxury Fashion

transcend the cycle of seasonal purchases

We’re an online platform on a mission to empower consignors and buyers to extend the lifecycle of preloved luxury goods.

We currently accept women’s designer bags, shoes, clothing, accessories and fine jewelry.

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Here at the Business of Preloved Fashion (BOPF) we believe in making the process of purchasing and selling preloved items a breeze. We do the heavy lifting and take only a small commission once your items have been sold. It’s a win-win - for you, for us, for the end customer, and for the planet.

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Buy well, wear with care, resell, repeat

We are on a mission to empower sellers and buyers to extend the lifecycle of preloved luxury goods.

As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy - Emma Watson

Each product that you see on our website has been carefully selected to ensure that every item meets our meticulously outlined quality and authenticity guidelines.

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Features from iconic publications in the region and a selection of excellent feedback from a mindful connoisseurs who have trusted us to deliver on our promise.

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BOPF features a reliable authentication process. We use Entrupy, an authentication tool, which provides a 99.1% accuracy rate and is the first of its kind, using AI technology to inspect every individual item.

Every inch of the material, stitching and hardware undergoes thorough inspection. At BOPF “We do not list an item if we have even an ounce of doubt on its authenticity.”

Circular Fashion

A Sustainable Approach To Buying Luxury Fashion

As a buyer, you can expect to find brands like Chanel, LV, Dior, Gucci and more at up to 80% off retail price.

Sellers are not left out as BOPF creates the opportunity to make up to 85% off the resale price of listed items. We believe this creates a strong incentive for our clients to extend the lifecycle of their products.

We've created a platform that empowers consignors and buyers to extend the lifecycle of preloved luxury fashion pieces.

Timeless Luxury

For the connoisseurs of mindful fashion.

Founded by a team experienced in luxury fashion and united by shared values, BOPF aims to keep up with current trends whilst communicating an overall timeless approach to fashion.

BOPF enables buyers transcend the cycle of seasonal purchases. We advocate a lifestyle of conscious luxury over "fast fashion" . This is our interpretation of the famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent - “Fashion fades, style is eternal” 

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EARN UP TO 85% Commission

By selling with BOPF, you are extending the life cycle of luxury goods and making a positive impact on the planet.

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