Everything You Need To Know About Hermes Chypre Sandals

Everything You Need To Know About Hermes Chypre Sandals

As we browse fashion news lately, one shoe keeps coming up over and over again. The Hermes Chypre shoe is one of the must-have sandals of the season. Its versatile style and understated luxury make it an excellent addition to any outfit. Should you get Hermes Chypre sandals? Learn more about these shoes to see if they're right for you.


What Makes the Hermes Chypre Special?

The Hermes Chypre (pronounced "shee-pruh") sandal is a new take on a classic Hermes model. They're inspired by the Hermes Oran sandal that was first released in 1997. The Chypre silhouette takes many design elements from this iconic shoe. They have a flat, slim shape and a wide band across the arch of the foot. The band has a cutout, geometric shape that was inspired by the Hermes "H" symbol. However, the Chypre stands out from other Hermes sandals due to the addition of a second strap across the foot. This strap is an adjustable velcro strap that you can use to customize the fit of the sandal. The other big difference is the sole of the sandal. To suit modern fashions for chunkier shoes, it's a little thicker. The footbed of the sole is gently curved to fit the contours of the foot, so it's far more comfortable.

Hermes Chypres Keep Showing Up on Celebrities and Fashionistas

When Hermes released this sandal, the fashion world quickly took notice. The sandals began showing up on runways and appearing in magazines. Fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni have posted countless fits that feature the Chypre sandal, and social media has been filled with other bloggers and influencers proudly displaying their Chypres. The shoes are so trendy that they're also regularly worn by celebrities. The fuzzy, fur version of the shoes appeared at Kylie Jenner's birthday party, and they've also been spotted on the feet of other celebrities like Hilary Duff and Elsa Hosk.


How Much Does the Hermes Chypre Cost?

Since they're from such a respected luxury brand, it's no surprise that the Chypre has a high price tag. Costs vary a little depending on which version of the Chypre you get. Some of the more standard models retail for around $730 USD. However, the Hermes shearling Chypres cost a little more at a retail price of $890. There are also some special-edition versions that cost up to $5,400 in the Hermes store. A lot of factors contribute to the Hermès Chypre sandals price, so it's not just expensive because it's a name-brand sandal. Hermes only uses premium materials for its shoes. The standard version uses a blend of premium calfskin and goatskin while the Hermes shearling sandals use calfskin and woolskin. All the shoes are made in Italy with Hermes signature workmanship, so you definitely pay extra for the quality.

Explore the Different Colors and Finishes of the Hermes Chypre

The Hermes Chypre comes in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find a version that matches your outfit. The company always carries black, brown, white, and beige versions. They also provide a variety of seasonal colors. Some popular choices include the Hermes Chypre Rosewood sandals, which are a warm brown color, or the Rose Du Desert sandals which are bright coral. Other potential options include gold, blue, teal, and red. When it comes to finishes, there are two basic options. You can get the shoe in soft, smooth leather, or you can get it in leather with a shearling lining. The fuzzy Hermes shearling Chypres have a soft, fur-like sheepskin on both the sole and the inside of the sandals trap. There are also a few versions that add a wooly texture to the tops of the sandal straps. In addition to these standard finishes, there are also some limited-edition Chypres with crocodile leather and other unique textures. The Hermes shearling sandals come with some additional color options. A few of the shearling Chypres use a natural, soft cream color for the shearling lining. This creates a bold contrast with the rest of the shoe. Some also dye the shearling to match the rest of the shoe. Matching shearling is especially common for the shoes with shearling all over the exterior. For example, the Hermes Chypre Rosewood sandals use the same soft, pinkish-brown wool for the leather, rubber, and woolskin parts.

Why Are Hermes Chypre Sandals Always Sold Out?

If you've looked in the Hermes shop lately, you might've noticed that the Hermes Chypre Sandals are frequently sold out. Though you can occasionally find the more basic colors in stores, the more exciting shades and the Hermes shearling sandals are very hard to obtain. Commonly-used sizes also sell out regularly. For certain versions of the Hermes shearling Chypre, the waitlist is actually longer than the wait for a Birkin bag! This is mostly just due to the high demand. Since the shoe was the it-shoe of the summer, the company simply couldn't keep up with interest. Hermes usually produces small batches of their products, and no one could've predicted that the shoes would be worn by a few celebrities and become such a huge trend. Though it has plans to produce more Chypre sandals to meet demand, the company still plans on sticking to its traditional crafting methods. Therefore, it will be quite a while before popular shades come back in stock.

How to Find the Right Hermes Chypre Size

To pick the right size, it's useful to know a little about the Hermes Chypre fit. According to the company, the Chypre runs a little small. If you're getting the leather version and have normal feet width, go up half a size. For those with wide feet, you might want to go up a full size. The shearling version is a little more true to size. Some people report that they can wear their regular size in the shearling, but others prefer to go up a half size just in case. Fortunately, this is an adjustable shoe. You can easily tighten the velcro strap to make it fit a little more snugly. Therefore, if you're between sizes, you can go larger and adjust the shoe to fit. This is especially important if you are a 38 because Hermes does not produce smaller shoe sizes.


Where Can You Buy Hermes Chypres?

Since it's so hard to get the Hermes Chypre sandals in-store, you might be better off shopping with a reseller. Shopping through resellers can come with many advantages. Depending on where you look, you have the potential to get a great deal and save money. In addition to a lower Hermes Chypre sandals price, resellers also provide access to high-end designs that are sold out everywhere else. At Business of Preloved Fashion, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, preloved fashion. All of our products are thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected for authenticity. Thanks to our convenient site, it's fast and easy to get even the rarest luxury fashion finds. Browse our collection of Hermes shoes to find the perfect shoe for your needs.

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