Is Hermès a Good Investment? Delving into the Numbers and Facts

Is Hermès a Good Investment? Delving into the Numbers and Facts


The Real Investment Potential of Hermès

The question, "Is Hermès a good investment in luxury fashion?" can be answered with the brand's robust resale value and consistent demand. At BOPF Dubai, we've witnessed Hermès bags and shoes achieving a staggering 20-40% appreciation above their retail prices, sometimes almost immediately after purchase.

Within two years, BOPF has sold two exotic Hermès bags, each valued at over $30,000, marking approximately 35 - 40% growth from their original prices. The Hermès Birkins and Kellys we've resold have seen prices ranging from $15,000 to $20,000, indicating a 30% appreciation. Other models, such as the Picotins and Evelyins, have fetched about $5,000, showing a 20% rise in their value. The Chypres, priced around $1,500, have witnessed an impressive 15% growth in a short span.


The Investment Powerhouses: Birkins and Kellys

Hermès' Birkin and Kelly bags are often revered as the "holy grail" of luxury handbags. Their status, combined with their limited availability, has propelled them to the top of the investment pyramid in the world of fashion.Their value varies according to size, color, and leather, and they've consistently shown a 30-35% growth in the resale market. At BOPF, we've proudly facilitated the sale of various models, from the Birkin 35s to the Mini Kellys, all of which have appreciated remarkably.

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Size Matters

The value of these bags varies significantly based on their size. For instance, the Birkin comes in several sizes, with the 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and 40cm being the most popular. Among these, the Birkin 35 is one of the most sought-after sizes due to its versatility. It's large enough to be functional for daily use but not overly bulky. At BOPF, we've had the privilege of handling multiple sales of the Birkin 35, each time witnessing its unwavering demand.

The Kelly, on the other hand, has its own range of sizes, with the Mini Kelly, Kelly 25, Kelly 28, and Kelly 32 being some of the most coveted. The Mini Kelly, despite its petite size, commands a substantial price, often due to its cute appeal and the trend towards mini bags.

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Color and Leather: The Dynamic Duo

While size is a significant factor, the color and leather type of a Birkin or Kelly can drastically affect its resale value. Some colors, like the classic black or gold, are timeless and always in demand. However, limited edition colors or those that Hermès releases sporadically, like Rose Sakura or Bleu Atoll, can fetch much higher prices on the resale market.

The type of leather also plays a crucial role. While Togo and Clemence leathers are popular for their durability and pebbled texture, exotic skins like crocodile or ostrich can increase the bag's value exponentially. These exotic leathers not only offer a unique texture and look but also come with a heftier price tag, making them even more exclusive.

At BOPF, we've witnessed firsthand the fluctuating demand based on these factors. Some of our most notable sales have been Birkins and Kellys in rare colors or exotic leathers, often fetching prices that far exceed their original retail value.


A Worthy Investment

For many, purchasing a Birkin or Kelly is not just about owning a piece of luxury; it's about making a sound investment. The consistent appreciation in value of these bags, combined with their timeless appeal, makes them a worthy addition to any investment portfolio. And while the stock market may have its ups and downs, the value of a well-maintained Birkin or Kelly only seems to go in one direction: up.

In conclusion, while Hermès offers a wide range of products that can appreciate in value over time, the Birkin and Kelly stand out as the ultimate investment pieces. Their iconic status, combined with factors like size, color, and leather, ensures that they remain in high demand, making them not only a symbol of luxury but also a testament to the value of investing in timeless pieces.

Entry-Level Hermès: Hidden Gems with Solid Returns

While Birkins and Kellys often steal the limelight, Hermès' entry-level items offer impressive returns too. The Chypre Shoes, Kelly Belts, and Picotin Bags, though more affordable than their famous counterparts, have seen a 20-25% appreciation due to their scarcity in the primary market. At BOPF, these items are consistently in high demand, reinforcing their investment value.


Why Hermès Stands Out as a Worthy Investment

Factors that underscore Hermès as a solid investment include:

  • Limited Production: Hermès' exclusivity is maintained by its limited editions.
  • Timeless Appeal: Especially the Birkins and Kellys, which are always in vogue.
  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each piece embodies artistry, ensuring it lasts.
  • Brand Legacy: As a luxury symbol, Hermès ensures demand remains perennial.

Conclusion: Is Hermès a Good Investment?

In luxury fashion, Hermès not only stands out for its designs but also its resounding investment potential. Whether you're eyeing unique investment avenues or wishing to own timeless luxury pieces, Hermès promises significant returns. As BOPF's data demonstrates, the returns can be substantial, often ranging between 15-40%.

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