The Case For Circular Fashion

The Case For Circular Fashion - BOPF | Business of Preloved Fashion

The fashion industry has long been known to have a negative impact on the environment. According to recent data from the World Economic Forum, producing fashion products contributes up to 10% of total global emissions by human activity. As if this wasn’t enough, clothing production has doubled since the turn of the century. The fact that 85% of all textiles end up in the landfill every year also doesn’t make a strong case for fashion and sustainability. 

Needless to say, the planet needs us to come to its rescue. Stat.

But does this mean that we must give up on fashion altogether? That we should stop showing off our personality using clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories? Of course not!

While it is true that we must take care of this planet - after all, we only have one - we should also take care of ourselves. We shouldn’t have to cut corners on our ability to express our individuality.

So how do we do both?


Enter circular fashion.

Want to know the mark of an item that will never go out of style? Try guessing when it was made. If you can’t, you have your answer. Just look at this Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Azur handbag with smooth cowhide leather trim. It  is a perfect example of a piece that will never go out of style. 

Circular fashion refers to the process by which we keep fashion items or products in use for as long as possible, essentially extending the lifecycle. If you’ve purchased products from fast fashion brands in the past,  you know that they don’t last for more than one, maybe two, seasons. After all, fast fashion is all about bringing the latest in fashion to you at the lowest price possible. Unfortunately, that means that these trendy items come at the cost of quality, durability, and yes, the environment. Since fast fashion brands want you to keep back for more - and often - their products simply aren’t built to last.

However, what about a classic LV? Or that trusty Chanel LBB? Oh, those, they last forever. There is a reason behind the hefty price tag and the smear-resistant brand image. Luxury brands craft luxury pieces to meet the highest quality standards. They’re meant to last for decades, rather than simply being tossed away after one season.

But don’t they also come with a hefty price tag? Yes, but that is where circular fashion comes in. 

The Chanel Black Jumbo Caviar Classic leather flap bag with gold-tone hardware is one of those pieces you simply cannot go wrong with. When you buy it at BOPF, you also get an authenticity card and a box with it.

Extending the lifecycle of products and allowing yourself to embrace (and own!) the best fashion has to offer at less than a fraction of the cost seems like a match meant to be. 

Being sustainable and fashionable has never been easier.

Luxury fashion is built to last. We at BOPF pride ourselves on being not only sustainable but also curators of only the best. One quick look at our online store and you know you’re bound to find some gorgeous pieces for your wardrobe that are not only timeless but also affordable. The lowest product, for example, at the time publishing this piece, was a pair of Frette Merida Leather Espadrilles for only 100 AED. You might even come across products that are up to 80% lower than the original price. 

Talk about two birds and one stone. Welcome to the world of circular fashion. 

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